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Are you an SME Employer?

Many Employers are facing problems with employee performance, relevancy, and continuity after joining or offering.

These are some basic questions related to the problem you faced with the employees within Three months of their hiring. And if the answers are Yes then this article is very important for you.

  1. Do people not join after the offer?
  2. Do Employees disappear within three Months days of joining?
  3. Are you not getting performance in actuality from employees as per their resume and interview commitment?
  4. Do you find mismatches in skills, knowledge, and performance in comparison to presentation in resume and interview?


Some exercises you do on paper before or after reading this article?

1. How many candidates did not join your company after your offer?
2. How many employees left the job within 3 months of joining?
3. How many employees do you have to fire due to nonperformance or wrong information pretend in a resume or interview?

        Generally, it’s very typical for SMEs or small firms where a full-time Human Resource Department is not available. Or if available but many times either HR is overburdened by work pressure or not able to do EBC checks properly. then this type of problem generates.

 What is an Employee Background check (EBC)?

An employee Background check, simply meaning is to verify all the information, and facts, presented by an employee in the resume or interview.  those are true or not, Like, address, family background, Education certificates and skills, experience and salary proofs, Health checkups, family and especially criminal records and references by cross verification.

In simple words, we can say “it is to cross verify each & everything mentioned by the candidate in a job application, resume, and in the interview and also try to check those things which are tried to hide.”

 Why EBC Check is very important?

It is very important because these days Companies have to do maximum hiring through online channels, third-party vendors, and advertisements. And there are a lot of possibilities that information presented in the resume is manipulated by candidates as per the Job description to get the job and hide their failures. this may affect performance later because in reality candidate is not as shown in their resume on which basis the employer hired him.

 How to Do an EBC check?

EBC check is a very simple exercise once you fixed the pattern. The only important is that you must be strict about this. Any employer can do this easily by assigning responsibility to any existing staff in the firm within the HR team or management team. These days there are lots of Employee background check agencies available in India and abroad. Shaleen Management Consultants Private Limited is doing EBC checks for its reputed clients since 2005.

Step to do EBC Check

  1.  Create an EBC check format
  2. Create an EBC checklist
  3. Allocated responsibility for this to any one of the staff from your HR, Finance, or management team or anyone in the office.
  4. Fixed the step for EBC like at the time of the offer or Immediately after Joining.  You can make a line of control for this like. The first salary or Appoint letter will not be disbursed till you not get the final EBC check report.

Benefits of EBC Check.

 EBC check is not only important and essential but also very much cost-effective for the company. This helps organizations to stop entering fake employees into the organization. Wrong employees not only waste a lot of time and salary expenses of the firm but also indirectly can make big losses to the firm due to their bad performance and the company can get barriers in production or lose important clients or business opportunities. Which turns in financial losses

How the EBC cost can save long performance and productivity costs?

Many Employer thinks that EBC is an additional burden or cost which creates additional expenses for them. But that is not the truth. For example, if you hired an employee without EBC and later on he is found not suitable or fake. it will not only waste a lot of time in the reappointment process for that post. But in this period company has made the financial cost for the salaries and working cost for that employees at another it will also create a big cost for project, production and client satisfaction.

 What to do for EBC checks?

  • Make one person responsible to do this.
  • Create a proper format for this that must be filled
  • Create a Checklist for EBC check.
  • Make strict company policies for this.

  The writer of this article has long experience in recruitment and HR consultancy as Managing director of Shaleen management consultants Private Limited. For more help in HR and Business Consultancy support Contact Us.

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