Frequently Asked Questions

You can hire an employee if you have tasks in repetition mode. If you hire an employee with a high salary, you may be wasting money. And if you hire an employee with less salary, probably he will not give such quality & expertise that you needed. While with a business consultant, you can discuss your deliverables. 

Expertgraph Business Consultant it will help you achieve these goals:

  1. Business Growth
  2. Consistency
  3. Automation
  4. SOP
  5. Quality
  6. Brand Value

Expertgraph is not just a new startup it has more than 15 years of great experience with a team of young energetic qualified and experienced EXPERT professionals. Our experts have experience working with more than 8500 companies from top corporates to low line business start-up, industries or trade. Our team always aim to fulfil your needs by initiating the latest & traditional business strategies.

Third-party consultants always bring a fresh perspective to your business & strategies. They can look to your firm in a different way which makes them easy to identify threats & opportunities. 

Every Business has started will one expertise of business owner . this expertise or ability is core of business and owner should give his focus on that. but their are other lot of activities linked with business. and if owner spare his time on other where is not too expert the business will suffer.

For example owner is good in production. and quality product is key of business. then if owner also focus on account, management, sales, purchase and employee management. then he will not be able to generate enough output as he can do in his core expertise production.  

Yes, you will need to pay according to the services you opt for. We will be just giving you consultancy for the things you need to work on.

ExpertGraph has more than 15 years of experience with a team of experts & professionals. We work with our extensive knowledge of market research & dynamics. We have a team of experienced professionals who are having depth knowledge of the industries. Above all, we use a different perspective to look at the problems & spend less time to take important decisions.

ExpertGraph associate with the business for short-term as well as a long-term vision but the minimum locking period is 3 years. Hence, the minimum commitment period is 3 years.

Keeping in mind all the Privacy Laws which are all about protecting data from being in the wrong hands, ExpertGraph always work with trust & integrity. You might have seen multiple channel partners which are more insecure, ExpertGraph is a business consultancy that is more secure. Also, our growth is directly proportional to your business growth & you will be our first priority. 

Since years, We are doing our work for our clients with the same integrity. We won’t be doing any business with the same competitor in your current business field.