Expertgraph Business club is the focus to improve business and professional expertise of self-employed and professional by regular practice support by the internal group.


Here the self-employed and professionals gathered to develop, improve and highlight their expertise. BY the help of the professional team of Expergraph as well as other co-members of the club. Here we have created a place whereby in regular correspondence we try to achieve our goals. Like other business clubs here our motto is also to enhance the business and practice of members and take them to the heights of achievement and success.

The club provides quality services of various kinds

  • Under the Blog category, our products include profiles and interviews, articles related, company profiles, products and services.
  • We have been featured in Business Activities News
  • The Club helps in acquiring services of different kinds of experts who are proficient in preparing business profiles. Also consultants, individual or team, self-employed employees getting a salary.
  • We also help in organizing monthly seminars and activities that place during these seminars.
  • Business games that help in the introduction, developing relationships, and generation of references.

In every seminar, two business papers are presented by members. The club helps in preparing good quality papers and also provides training in effective presentation of these papers. These papers are later on published in our blog. Problem solution is an integral part of this programming.  This is done to provide technical help and consultancy form expert as well as other members. Heavy breakfast and dinner are also served.

  •  Our policy is to keep all the information private and to disclose it.
  •  Monthly and annual awards are given for best purchases to those who make best must purchases of products and services and from maximum members of the Club.
  •  Awards are given also to those who sell the highest number of services to highest number of members.
  • One exhibition and one award function are also organized.

  • Lead generation awards are given away to those who provide best reference and business leads to others members of groups from his contact.
  • Those who attend meetings regularly, participate actively and give their best to improve the quality of seminar also get best participant aware.
  • There is an annual program of one or two day one night family tour and event.
  •  Consultancy support is also provided. Our main objective is to provide business consultancy, coaching and mentoring, personalized consultancy is also made available.   


Knowledge is an essential asset for business, Expertgraph business club provide print book library access to its members.

From they can get books important and help full for business man, Self Employed and professionals.