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Business Consultant - Mentor and Coach

Brimming with energy and impelled by vision, grit and commitment young Dilip Sharma is Director, Shaleen Management Consultants Private Ltd, Udaipur a source of inspiration for others.

He have got exposure to support more than 8,500+ companies and 50,000+ individuals in various formats, which gave him abilities to help any business or an organization for their sustainable growth, branding, organizational arrangements, employees planning, and to fix SOP for the business.

The first step in building up a good company is to search for and provide suitable persons. That’s why he chose the recruitment industry and began providing the right persons for the right job at the starting, middle and senior level. Efforts are made to establish the companies so that their business grows and they do well. The processes they engage in are made fool proof so that profit is boosted and that in turn makes the jobs of the employee secure and their growth is ensured. Job security is related to good business, he feels.

We developed portal system and enhanced the ability and skills that were needed in the jobs that were available. Then we found the option where they could be employed.

Some challenges are related to third party and human beings are to be controlled. For this also we developed the process to become organized.

We have also worked on geographical limitations worldwide. So we have worked on data management as it is essential to manage the data of millions of clients and customers. Data management becomes a big asset and gives regular profits.
About the scope of new persons in his field, Sharma says that there are several opportunities. In his business, he connects people, helps people connect with companies and companies to employees. Sharma says that in this profession, quality is extremely important. So also timing and time management.

Standard operating systems for companies are evolved so that they can survive in adverse conditions such as unavailability of the owner for a long time. This might happen as the owner takes all the responsibility on himself. The need is to share responsibility with other employees at different levels and to trust them. By doing so he would also be able to focus on his own specialization and professional development. We help him as a business consultant. Assistants are also enabled to take up bigger responsibilities in case of emergency. All this is done to prevent the shutting down of business that would adversely affect the employees and all others engaged in it at various levels.

From Sharma’s firm determination, curiosity to keep learning, courage to traverse new paths and attitude to support others, one can learn a lot to be successful in one’s own ventures.

About his future plans, Sharma says that the purpose is to prepare businesses for creating a structure, bringing them into an automation mode and employing means to make regular profits. When an organization survives, the employees and others connected it would also survive. If there is consistency and sustainability, it makes work easy for everyone. Profitable business is essential to sustain the society.


Our Team is not only highly qualified but very much Expert in their fields, dedicated and passionate. They love their work and always try to finish it with high intergity, professional commitment. they deliver unique and creative ideas to achieve their client goals.

Vinay Vyas

Branding Expert

Vinay Vyas, Digital Marketer and Branding Expert with a proven and result-oriented experience of more than 7 years.

He has worked for different industries including IT, Consultancy, FMCG, and Education Sector. His areas of expertise include Social Media Management, Content Writing, and Optimization, Brainstorming Strategies, Client Communication, Sourcing, and Branding.

Key highlights of his profile are that he is an expert strategist with excellent instincts, a meticulous reviewer, a research-based decision-maker, and an independent thinker.

He is also an ‘India Book of Record Holder’ and the founder of Designing Bulls that is ranked as the #6 top ‘Affiliate Marketing Company’ in the world.
He will be glad to transform any business digitally and help them achieve their goals.

Dr. garima mathur


Soft Skills / Automobile Trainer and Behavioral Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Garima Mathur has been associated with Education sector, Training fraternity, Corporate and NGOs. She has overall 13+ years of experience, competent in creating highly simulative learning environment and expertise in coaching and mentoring also to change negative Perception.

She has around 250 + corporate trainings to her credit and placed many students with proper polishing of their personality in reputed companies. She is an energetic, accomplished, and responsible, result oriented professional. She has the tenacity to beat odds and always strive for improved performance.

She believes everyday is a new learning experience and there is a lot more opportunities which has to be explored.
She has worked with reputed NGOs for the sake of environment and Women Welfare. She is best in the public relations, connects individually with the participants, helps them coming out of their comfortable zone and explore more. This further helps Clients’ to aim high, resulting to great success and also her sense of fulfillment.