EBC Check

Employee Background Check(EBC) Document.

EBC check is an important part of HR policy in the recruitment cycle, whenever a company hires a new employee there are a lot of processes like Job description finalization, application collection, Scrutiny, Interview, EBC check, Offer, joining, Induction program, etc.

Here we are making a simple Document of a Checklist to conduct EBC checks in the organization.


Collect all Documents and information of the applicant and arrange them in Descending order from latest to old. Arrangement of Documents

  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Latest working Experience certificates
  • Education and internship certificate
  • Address Check
  • Health certificate
  • Police verification (criminal records)
  • Reference check


Check the continuity of Documents and if find gaps then ask for those period statuses from the applicant.

Detailing of Experience certificates and checks.

Copy of Appointment letter, Experience certificate (reliving letter), Salary slip (Bank statement to verify salary credit in account).

Company HR number, and contact details of Supervisor or immediate boss in the company to verify job profile and performance. important to know the reason for leaving the last jobs.

Qualification check-

All mark sheets verify, and all qualification certificate verifies by the institution.

Reference check

Always ask for two or more references from Previous employers or professors from the applicant’s college (if fresher), the last client handled, or a professional who know Applicant for a long with his family members.

Address check-

You should know and verify his current address as well as a permanent address, home town, and parents’ home address, it should be also verified in the address the when on particular address the applicant is residing and its owner or rented.

Family members

The employer should also verify details of the applicant’s family member’s details, parents and their, spouses, children, and siblings. With their contact details so in an emergency when the candidate is out of contact can be reached easily. 

Employee Back Ground Checklist

  1. What more you should know for better analysis?

    Marital status (married unmarried, divorcee, living separately or anything because personal life impacts a lot on the performance of the employee.

    Financial status- Loans, liabilities, Bankrupt, or financial status.



    Hobbies, life goals, future plans, and other social engagement




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