The Importance of Trade Fairs for Businesses

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Trade fairs, conferences, business events, and exhibitions are often defined in a unified manner as a classy platform for business development and expansion on a local, national and as well as on global scale. It’s quite just a marketing tool because the entire marketplace is at your fingertips. Moreover, As a source of market information, they fulfil your needs in a centralized way. So, Let’s know more about The Importance of Trade Fairs for Businesses.

They provide a superb opportunity to assess opinions from clients and determine market potential, conduct research and evaluate the competition, develop commercial structures by identifying new agents and distributors, and initiating joint ventures and project partnerships.

Business of every category gets the opportunity to present their products for launching, marketing, and selling also.

“Exhibitions provide a singular networking platform to both Indian and foreign participants. they assist within the promotion, marketing, and publicity efforts of participating companies. Exhibitions cause joint ventures, tie-ups and that they also help usher in investment within the Country”, says Dr. Amit Mitra, secretary-general, FICCI.

Benefits & Formats of Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are beneficial and they are organized in many formats, B2B, B2C, exhibitions, etc.

In B2B fairs, only businesses interact and present each other aimed at alliances, vendor management and awareness.

In B2C fairs, businesses are focused on presenting and branding themselves to direct consumers.

As a reliable medium for the exchange of data, exhibitions are being globally recognized because the apt medium for doing business today. Within the words of Mr. Dilip Sharma, Director and Promoter, ExpertGraph, “The current economic slowdown is that the ideal time for the industry to showcase its presence on the exhibition floor because the industry is extremely much during a position to strengthen its tenacity, strength, and collaborative nature. In fact, in tough market conditions, it becomes all the more imperative for all businesses to point out greater visibility, strong fundamentals, and continuation of companies. The platform is right for exhibitors to nurture the trust and confidence across the availability chain.”

Agrees Mr. KK Sharma, President, VCCI Mewar Chapter, “Exhibitions and conferences bring all the potential buyers at one platform wherein they need access to the whole variety of products and technologies. The tools of the exhibition industry sort of a live demonstration, product launches, touch and feel of the merchandise, networking opportunities, etc., all further foster sales.

How ExpertGraph can help?

We understand the importance of trade fairs and we are always ready to support organizations and businesses in the execution and planning of such fairs. We help organize all kind of fairs like B2B, B2C, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

As we know, business and trade fairs give a business immediate sale as well as long-term branding at the same time. They get direct consumer interaction with feedback for improving and helping them create new business strategies or improving existing ones. Considering all these things, we are ready to advice and consult businesses and organizations in their trade fairs.

Participation in fairs, preparation, accommodation, presentation is a process that requires intensive study. Expertgraph participates in counseling in finding the most suitable fair for them, achieving desired goals, planning the event, venue, size of the event, budget planning, marketing, etc.

We help them in all the phases, before trade fairs, during trade fairs, and also after trade fairs.


  • In establishing desired results
  • experiences advice on your needs to achieve the desired goal
  • preparation of stand brief describing what the stand should radiate
  • preparation of an action plan based on identified needs and wishes
  • advice on choosing a builder and design of the stand
  • competent guidance and planning of exhibition teams and travel activities
  • advice on branding strategy and contact with potential guests at the exhibition
  • selection and training of the staff for the stand
  • production and transportation of materials
  • assembly and maintenance of the stand


  • Advice on handling customers
  • Creating contacts and leads
  • Advice for activities at the stand and during the fair
  • Handling and booking of other customer activities


  • Follow-ups on the process
  • Review of successes and evaluation of results
  • Advice on follow-ups on contacts and leads

To get our trade fair consultancy and support, contact us here. Or call us at +91-9928080530.

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