The Brand making Process

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The Brand  Making Process


In this wide competitive environment all SME’s and  Business owners want that, they can create their Business in a successful and respectful Brand. A brand like dominos, mc-donalds, coca cola, maggie and many more as you know . as these all are known by all individuals.

So today let’s discuss, The Brand Making Process, how you can be the one? starting from these general questions by every business owner.


Important Question

  • What are the rules for this ?

  • How to make your company A Brand ?

  • How to make a successful Brand ?

  • What The Brand Making Process?


In the early 19th creating a brand was a big challenge for any business, it was a very difficult time for that period but as the technology came into existence it became very easy for any business to reach that recognition. We can clearly see the present scenario that tea stalls have built their brand and franchisee. There are many more examples like this where some moves of business changed their entire brand recognition. 


But is the brand making that easy nowadays ?


In this  article, we’ll try to solve all those queries systematically and understand some basic and very important rules. so that we can start the process of making our company a brand.



What are the Benefits By Creating Branding of any Company?

Starting from understanding that Making your Business in a Brand is not a Bigger Challenge. As making a brand can help you charge a good value of your product, which vice versa helps you to gain maximum profits. Brand helps  company in consistency of sales and growth. At the same time, By branding a business can multiply itself by franchise and distribution models. Brand helps to create long term recognition. which is always helpful in reference generation, customer retention and also acquiring new markets. So it is just a myth that creating a brand is an extra cost.


How to create the Brand and what is the Branding?

Young Brand expert and Managing Director of “My Branding”  Mr. Yashvardhan Khandelwal says, “ Branding is, telling people what you are master of ” Every Business Should follow a step by step pathway to make their company a brand, in which standing out from the crowd is the mission. 

Simple rules of Creating your company into a  Brand 


  • Branding means one standard identification

                    Standardization  of Product quality and services process. It is not important that the product or services you are selling is not unique . Important is that your product  has the same standard presentation quality and process every time , there should not be fluctuation or uncertainty in taste, presentation or performance.
For example, you can easily identify the brand name of any soft drink or cookie like cook, pepsi, by just its taste and feel with closed eyes, it is due to consistency for taste, feel and smell.


So to make a Brand first anyone needs to create a standard Process of Production, services and presentation. Which is called SOP in business Language on which every brand operates.


The second but most important rule of Brand is its identification, The word Brand means the public can identify it easily and refer to it. And for that you have created its identification. A strong and different identification that should be consistent. And identification of Brands are Its LOGO, color, theme, presentation, statement, look, feels, taste, Quality etc.




             Starting from the first step of building a brand is to create a logo which will be representing your brand. This must be very simple, easy to understand, and identify the connection with the company’s vision, mission and product. Many times people create very complicated logos with so many components, which is  wrong. Your logo should be very simple and easy. In simple words we can say you have to create your Unique Identification. 


Process and policy

The Second very important rule for Brand creation is the process of company product and services to deliver and the user policy. So the customer should know exactly how to get it, its uses and what the terms and conditions are. Clarity always avoids disputes. It helps in building reputation in companies and Brands as well as helps people for easy recommendation.

These will help you to create consistency 


  • Presentation

The one important meaning we understand about Branding, that Branding means advertisement. To Create a Brand anyone has to create a proper advertisement plan, so that you can be in the eyes and mind of your target customers. Your customers look for your visibility and presence on every possible advertisement platform suitable to your Branding standard.  


Research Development and competency. 

Regular research about market change, customer expectation and client satisfaction  are very important. By research you should regularly get updates about your  competitors & their strategy and challenges, also what are the new trends in the market and how to use them in your favour or what to improve in your  product and presentation to graph the opportunity.


Be polished-

Polished, fine finishing is part of brand creation, so keep refining the product and services.

These are the very simple and standard points if you are thinking of creating Branding. The team Expertgraph is always available to help you in research, Development and implementation of these.


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