3C – Most Important Components in Hiring Process

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     There are always many mixes, components, or pattern sets in every process in the industry. But I feel these 3C-the Most Important Components in Hiring Process For Every Company in Recruitment.

  • One who gives the opportunity,
  • Second who is seeking it.
  • A most significant third, who coordinates between two. It may be a person, machine, system, agreement, or anything but there is always one in between.

IT’S from Practice Experience.

      My last 18 years in the recruitment industry taught me a lot about the recruitment process. During this period I have got the opportunity to work on thousands of various types of hiring projects. In almost every industry and in every type of position. I have successfully recruited more than 10,000 people. But one important theory that I can say is really important chemistry. I have learned, I call it “3C – Most Important Components in Hiring Process”. Today by this article, I would like to share it with everyone. 

I welcome your questions that I will try answering them in the next article on the same topic.

     Even though I am not good at content writing. but what I learned from my practical experience, I hope I’ll be able to explain this to you here. 

     Hiring the right personnel for any position is always a challenge. When there are so many specified requirements, although there are plenty of methods available for hiring. An expert consultancy is always the best option for a single highly specified position. 

“Important Role players in Recruitment – 3 C”

“Acquiring the correct talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was – and still is – the foremost important thing we do.”

3C – Most Important Components in Hiring Process
3C – Most Important Components in Hiring Process


      In every recruitment process, there are always three important bodies, these are.: Company(employer)- Consultants (hiring tool) and- Candidate (job-seeker). 

Behind all these, I will explain the important elements by 3C. These 3 “C’s” are the same whatever the recruitment tools are, internal or external. A hiring tool always required to coordinate between these two “Employer and Employee”.

3C to process recruitment project

     We always work to reach on the final goal and in the recruitment process, that goal is the successful joining of the most relevant candidate. So, it is important, that all 3Cs (Company – Consultants – Candidate) follow the 3C process and that is: (Commitment, Coordination, and Communication).

     Every time employers just share the requirements with consultants to get the best suitable talent. But many times we see that the maximum percentage of projects does not reach finalization!

Why does it happen in many cases? 

Commitment – 

     Most of the time, vacancies are assigned by the company to the consultants. But there is no commitment shown in primary neither from the employer side nor from the consultant’s agency. Due to this neither consultants get enough confidence to invest their whole effort and time for that vacancy. Due to doubts that “maybe at the end employer can hold the project or hire from another source”. Similarly, employers are also not getting full confidence from the agency. So employer also keeps trying on multiple options, which not only wastes time and money but also hassle the process to close the position.

   So it is very important that at the time of project sharing both provide a full commitment for the assignment. It is also important from the job seeker’s side as we see that many times candidates don’t show up in the interview after applying and even don’t join after got selected for the position.

Coordination –

When multiple people get in a process. The first and second person are connected through a third person and that third person is dependent on them at every step. It is important that coordination must be strong. Transparency on every step is necessary. Regular updates must be shared with each other about the current status and next stage. Even if a candidate is shortlisted or rejected. Everything must be shared and coordinated properly. Good coordination helps to establish strong commitment.

Communication –

We have heard so many times that “Baat karne se hi Baat banti hai “and it is very important to deliver information properly. At the time of sharing the information and same at the time of receiving. Proper writing and verbal communication are very important when information has to travel to many persons. As well as it is also important to understand communication. Many times, the Employer shares the details of the Job Description (JD) properly but the consultant fails to understand it. And due to keeping the privacy of the employer the proper required information does not reach the job seeker. Effective communication establishes strong grounds for coordination and coordination builds confidence.

You may have many questions. That how to establish this 3C – Most Important Components in Hiring Process and what should be the SOP. For this, I will try to answer these in more detail one by one in the next follow-up articles. which will help everyone to make the recruitment process better and fast.

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